Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Janet's Weightloss Journey: Lamentations

Janet's Weightloss Journey: Lamentations


I must warn you that this post is going to be full of self pity.

Well its been about one year and 3 months and I'm still struggling to shift the same old weight. I once saw a joke that states, "I keep trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me". Well, for me its not a joke. It rings true. Last year I actually managed to shift 7.5 kg and also managed to foolishly gain them all back during the christmas holiday.

Every week of December a gained a kg here and there and I was confident that I would be able to shift it easily once I got back to my weight loss programme. First of all, it took me until mid January to finally start working on my weight. Secondly it now mid feb and i still weigh 75 kg despite going to gym and engaging in grueling workouts. At some point I even started looking bigger so I dumped my weight lifting programme and have now decided to only do one cardio session a day. Honestly there is no need to kill my self with exercise if I only get negative results.

The worst part about this is that in the last month I have met atleast 4 people who thought I was pregnant. That is not something you wanna hear even when you are pregnant. It is actually for that reason that I realized that I cant afford to give up the fight, hence my reappearance. My tummy has grown to such mammoth proportions that I cannot even be mad at the people who think I have a bun in the oven. I seriously need to lose my "pot". I realize there is no such thing as spot reduction so im gonna have to lose fat from all over for there to be a difference in my tummy size.

In lieu of the above, I have made the following resolutions
1. That I shall not be in a hurry to lose weight. There is nothing worse that losing a ton of weight and gaining it all back in a week or two

2. That I will start working on my diet seriously as therein lies the key to weight loss

3. That I will tone down the exercise to one cardio session for at least 2 weeks as I realized it increases my appetite.

4. That after the 2 weeks I will revise the strategies

These are resolutions I started implementing yesterday and they better work cuz i have a wedding to attend on 9th April in which I am a bride's maid with a very daring dress. I had hoped to have lost significant kilos by then but i have to be satisfied with 1.5-3 kilos which will make me 73.5kg or 72kg by the time of the wedding. Its not my lightest weight but i believe I will have confidence from having achieved my goal. My main strategy right now is to eat as little as I can, without keeling over in a dead faint, and ensuring that its nutritious food I eat. No junk for me. Its day too and already I feel my energy levels dropping. However I will not give up so my body better get used to it.

Well, wish me luck!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to lose 1.5 kg in a week

Actually in four days. I started the week with a vow to lose 1 kg, having gained 0.5 kg despite going to the gym consistently that week.

I finally accepted that exercise alone was not gonna cut it so i decided to give dieting a whirl.

So i replaced my usual tea, bread with loads of margarine with cereal, two fruits and green tea. I decided to have a snack at work of black tea and hand full of peanuts then a fruit salad at lunch. At 6pm i had black tea, 2 slices bread, 1 tsp peanut butter then went to gym for aerobics and some conditioning exercises.

Now, I was able to follow that plan faithfully but somehow for 3 days i found myself missing lunch. Anyway by thursday the scale had moved by 1.5 kg (3.3 lb).

I waited till today to confirm and yes it is true. Im excited, of course, but i feel so drained. 2 sessions of cardio and 1 of conditioning daily on such a low calorie diet will take its toll on you. So ive decided to rest this weekend and relax the diet a bit so im ready for battle next week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another notch in my belt

Seems the weight gain season is over. Ive lost 0.5 kg this past week and 1kg the week before that. Im now at 72.5 kg. If i work very hard in the next two weeks i could get out of the 70s. Thats my new goal and i will give it my all. That means no bread and 2 gym sessions daily. My aim for this week is 1kg.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So its been 6 months since i joined gym. Thats half a year. When I started I thought i would be 55 kgs by now. However ive only been able to shift about 2 kgs since then. Yep, im 73 kg now.

You remember the plateau I talked about? Turns out I should have worked harder to break out of it.

I have felt very discouraged but really there is no option of giving up. I just have to try harder until I finally get there.

Ive revised my final goal to 60 kg, meaning I have 13 kg to lose. Ive further divided my initial weight loss goals to 0.5 kg in the 1st week, 1kg 2nd week, 1.5 kg then 2 kg which should get me to 68 kg. You will notice that the 1.5 and 2kg goals have no time limit. Thats because im not gonna attempt to do the impossible resulting to disappointment. So lets see if i achieve these goals. Now to work towards goal 1

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still struggling!

I know its been awfully long since i posted. That doesnt mean that ive been resting, still fighting the battle against fat, and fighting myself. You know, i think thats why im not making as much progress as i could have.

Anyway, let me first bring you up to speed with my progress. I stopped going to gym for a month because of lack of money but im back. Since my last post ive lost 1.5 kgs putting me at 70.5. Which isnt too bad. Now, the bad thing is that ive been at this weight for 3 weeks now. Im desperate to see the scale move even by 0.5 kg.

Being Janet, i have a plan to break through the plateau. Whether i actually follow through, is another story. I plan to follow my circuit programme at gym faithfully plus a cardio session everyday either at gym or at home.

I know that im good at working out, diet is my downfall. However im not gonna do anything drastic. Im just gonna try to make each meal the healthiest i can and try not to go past 1900 calories. Let me try this for a week then report back. Meanwhile im glad that my clothes are fitting better and i dont need to buy new suits anymore.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Im back.

Its been a while since i wrote. Silly me- forgot my password.

Anyway you can be sure that i have not been resting on this journey. I finally started going for aerobics classes and have shifted 2 kgs or so. Im now 72 kg. However i feel like ive hit a plateau. My trainer has devised a circuit training programme for me so im hoping to shift a few soon. I am however concerned that the new birth control pills may hinder my weight loss. Anyway, lets see how it works out.